The Hunt

Music Video for Woom

November 2010
direction/editing Phillip Niemeyer
photography Dan Forbes
animation Phillip Niemeyer and Dan Forbes
assistance Katie Briggs, Michelle Forbes, Amelia Grohman, Jane Herships, Sara Magenheimer, Adam McClure, Michael McKoveck, Eben Portnoy, and Sam Zide
hunt-process02 hunt-process12


Short film for IdN's 100th Issue

Stop motion animation featuring a day in the life in Brooklyn, New York. How many 0s can you count?

Picturing 2000-09

for the New York Times Op Ed page


Fish is a collage system: a set of parts that can be assembled on any flat surface to make a modular narrative. The waves, corral and fish designed to fit into compositions on the fly. The results are like the sea: always the same but always different.





101 Yeahs

Animated Short


Direction/Editing/Animation by Phillip Niemeyer & Ryan Junell

Art and concept by Phillip Niemeyer
Sound mix by Ryan Junell


Yeahs by:
Erin Flannery
Tonya Glanz
Ryan Junell
Tanya Newton-John
King Ad-Rock
Evey Niemeyer
Phillip Niemeyer
Natassje Unger
Tatjana Unger
Ryan Weston
Howard Dean

Charmaine Champagne

Music Video for The Fiery Furnaces

direction/design/animation/editing Phillip Niemeyer
artwork Mike Reddy
action painting Hannah Cole
assistance Alex Egan, Jeremiah Dickey, Ethan Finklestein, and Chris Nguyen

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Music Video for Spoon

Graphics for Spoon

Various graphic design for the band Spoon between 2007-10. The t-shirt above features Countess Dracula.

This button design references "Don't Make Me a Target" off Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.


The t-shirt below was for a three-night-stand in Austin, June 2010. The phases of the moon are accurate to the nights of the shows:


"Got Nuffin'" is set in an old cut of BiFur with a custom "G" and "S". The type was photocopied, set cut and paste style, then photographed, printed, photocopied onto a transparency, photographed again, printed again, and scanned: the graphic equivalent of tube overdrive.


Shit Yeah