2015 Recap for the Boston Globe

Double Mono

Double Mono is a vinyl record where the right and left channel play separate sounds. They can be mixed into one song, or listened to separately using the balance knob. The recording features contributions from Palaxy Tracks, John Saba Jr., Devin Maxwell, !!!, Jim Eno, The Octopus Project, AU, and Erin Flannery & Zach Layton.

It's a limited edition print of 300, released by Aagoo records.


Dad Ass

18" x 24" poster

2013 Calender

Double Blocks


The pinnacle of [Red Left Blue Right] appears in the form of a joke, by the show's curator, Phillip Edward Niemeyer. Double Blocks are (roughly) two-inch by two-inch woodblocks with the images of 3-D blocks appearing on the sides in red and blue. It's so meta, right? But Niemeyer's pieces also speak to the concept of 3-D itself. They hold the representation of depth equal to actual depth, or, in other terms, utter distraction equal to useful obstruction. Moreover, the woodblocks themselves are difficult to see through the violently clashing colors.

We might look at Double Blocks as a statement on how we view visual art: Are we fascinated with the object or the ideas the object contains? If the immersion is sensory alone, I'm probably not that interested. Sure, emotion and intellect are accessed and inspired by the senses, but it's the degree to which the senses serve or distort meaning that makes them valuable, and likewise the degree to which the art object affects the senses.

Niemeyer's contribution contains one more twist. The blocks on the blocks aren't 3-D as far as the 3-D glasses are concerned. Rather than imitate a block one could stack another illusionary block on top of, the glasses create a flashing electric violet field that's impossible to hold onto with the eyes.

The vision makes me feel disoriented and a little afraid, like looking through a porthole into an as-yet undefined dimension.

– Matthew Irwin, The Austin Chronicle


Make Haste With Waste

Yeah Mandala

Silkscreened paper decopauged on four wood panels, each panel is 2' x 2'.

Picturing 2000-09

for the New York Times Op Ed page



Fish is a collage system: a set of parts that can be assembled on any flat surface to make a modular narrative. The waves, corral and fish designed to fit into compositions on the fly. The results are like the sea: always the same but always different.





Graphics for Spoon

Various graphic design for the band Spoon between 2007-10. The t-shirt above features Countess Dracula.

This button design references "Don't Make Me a Target" off Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.


The t-shirt below was for a three-night-stand in Austin, June 2010. The phases of the moon are accurate to the nights of the shows:


"Got Nuffin'" is set in an old cut of BiFur with a custom "G" and "S". The type was photocopied, set cut and paste style, then photographed, printed, photocopied onto a transparency, photographed again, printed again, and scanned: the graphic equivalent of tube overdrive.